Kendrick Lamar Leaves Fans Baffled With His Verse on Baby Keem's 'Range Brothers'

Among those who are confused with Lamar's snippet is music critic Anthony Fantano who shares a preview of the record on Twitter and writes, 'Tell me this is fake.'

AceShowbiz - Kendrick Lamar has been featured on Baby Keem's new album named "The Melodic Blue". The "Money Trees" hitmaker, however, has left his fans confused with his verse on one of its tracks titled "Range Brothers."

In the said song, the 34-year-old hip-hop star raps, "Let's get this s**t/ Let's get this s**t/ Let's get this s**t, Let's." He then repeatedly rhymes, "Top o' the morning/ Top o' the morning/ Top o' the morning/ Top o' the morning/ Top o' the morning/ Top o' the morning."

Upon hearing the lines, fans took to Twitter to express their confusion. "What the HELL is Kendrick Lamar doing bruh," one person questioned while sharing a preview of the record on Twitter. Another user quipped, "Kendrick Lamar's feature on 'Range Brothers' now leaves me wanting him to star in 'Leprechaun in the Hood' 3."

A third individual then chimed in by tweeting, "Kendrick fans gotta chill, I love his music but n***as be getting worse jokes daily this is nothing." Music critic and YouTuber Anthony Fantano, meanwhile, shared Lamar's snippet and urged, "Tell me this is fake."

While Lamar has yet to respond to the debacle, Keem, who is a younger cousin of the "B***h, Don't Kill My Vibe" spitter, took to Twitter to address it. "Me and dot created four new languages bro," the 20-year-old first pointed out.

"Rap was boring. so we start making new languages. Rangebrothers caveman brother," the MC, whose real name is Hykeem Jamaal Carter Jr., went on explaining. "We can say the language backwards too brother."

Aside from "Range Brothers", Lamar has contributed to Keem's other tracks like "Vent" and "Family Ties" from "The Melodic Blue". The album, which dropped earlier today, September 10, also features contributions from Travis Scott (II), Don Toliver as well as Spanish singer Rosalia.

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