Fans Suspect Quando Rondo Is Gay After He Posts Eyebrow-Raising Video

The 'I Remember' spitter baffles social media users after posting on Instagram a video of him biting a male pal, leading to wild speculation about his sexuality.

AceShowbiz - Quando Rondo has raised a speculation about his sexuality with his eyebrow-raising video. Updating his Instagram page on Monday, September 6, the rapper has baffled his fans with his antics that led to an online chatter discussing about whether he is gay or not.

In the short clip, the 22-year-old star was shirtless while he seemed to be casually hanging out with a male pal. After turning on the camera, he then leaned on the man sitting next to him on a couch and playfully bit him in the shoulder.

Looking annoyed and surprised, the other guy gave him a light punch that managed to push Quando away from him. The guy kept a stern face, while the "Motivation" spitter seemed to be unfazed. In the caption, he wrote, "I got hungry. …..," while tagging his homie @jumpoutblacc, which didn't give enough explanation to his action in the video.

Sorry, the video has been removed.

Upon watching the video, many have since thought that Quando was giving gay vibe. "That's weird…… that's suspicious," one Instagram user questioned his biting gesture. Many advised the Savannah-born artist to delete the clip, with one telling him, "gang delete dis gay ahh shi."

Another remarked, "You gay." Similarly, a fourth commenter claimed, "Ha gaaaaay." A baffled user commented, "this so weird... " Someone else alleged, "That boy is gay and can't fight."

Some others, however, believe that there was nothing sexual with Quando's gesture in the video. "the way he hit him . Screaming and everything not about sexuality folks," one person told the speculators. Another shared, "Something I would do to my brother." Someone else noted, "Everyone do shii like dis wit they homies."

Quando has not responded to the gay speculation and still keeps the video on his feed despite fans' advice to delete it.

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