Garrett Clayton Ties the Knot With Blake Knight After Three Years of Engagement

The 'Teen Beach Movie' actor and his partner of over a decade exchange their vows in a 'fairytale' garden party-themed wedding attended by their friends and family.

AceShowbiz - Garrett Clayton is officially a married man. After three years of being engaged to Blake Knight, the "Teen Beach Movie" actor exchanged his vows with his partner of over a decade in a "fairytale" garden party wedding.

"We've been trying to get married for a long time," the Disney star told PEOPLE. The 30-year-old actor continued, "So we're just excited." Of the big day, which was held on Saturday, September 4, Blake added that they wanted to make everything at the wedding "really bright and colorful and cheery."

Garrett chimed in, "We really wanted the wedding to be fun. Not just fun for us, but fun for everybody." Expressing his excitement, he described his wedding day as a "fairytale" day. "We're lucky that we're in a place now that we can actually share our lives together," Blake added. "Both privately and publicly."

About 160 friends and family attended the couple's garden party-themed wedding at a private property in Los Angeles. According to the outlet, actress Alicia Silverstone, who starred alongside Garrett in "King Cobra", officiated the ceremony.

Elsewhere in the interview, Garrett also talked about his relationship and journey to come out. "When we first made our relationship official, I was told to be in the closet professionally and no one even knew we were together yet," he said. "I was told enough times, 'If you come out, you won't be able to audition for 80 percent of roles that you'd be seen for if you just stay in the closet.' It's definitely been a journey."

Garrett and Blake got engaged back in 2018. However, it wasn't until a year later that Garrett announced their engagement. Along with a series of photos from their Iceland getaway, the actor wrote, "It's been 1 year since @hrhblakeknight asked me to marry him in Iceland on the most beautiful trip and the most beautiful day of my life to date." He continued, "I'll never forget your face in that moment when you got down on one knee."

"Love, nervous, and excited (Obv, I was going to say yes) all rolled into the love of my life. Every day with you is filled with joy and laughter. (even when we get heated every night over who has to get out of bed to turn off the hall light)," Garrett gushed. "8 years! In a little over a month, it'll be 8 years together. Those being packed full of ups and downs. (90% ups)."

Garrett then concluded his heartfelt message with a statement of his love for Blake. "Here's to another 100 years of traveling the world, stealing your socks and loving our babies, whether their dog babies or actual babies," he declared. "I'll love you forever. Happy anniversary, my darling."

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