Cops Called to Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Fight Due to Bomb Threats

The boxing match between the YouTube personality and the professional mixed martial artist at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland was hit with bomb threats.

AceShowbiz - YouTube star Jake Paul's latest boxing bout was marred by a series of pre-fight bomb threats.

Paul went on to beat Tyron Woodley in a split decision on Sunday night (29Aug21), but an hour before the pair hit the ring, police officers were told a man had planted 17 bombs underneath the stage, in the bathrooms, and under seats at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

TMZ Sports sources claim the caller claimed to be a man from Afghanistan and told cops he was targeting non-believers, who he felt deserved to die.

Police dispatched a bomb unit and swept the building, quickly declaring the threat was a hoax. They are now investigating the threats.

The two stars haven't commented on the bomb threats, but Tyron Woodley challenged Jake Paul for a rematch.

Shocked by his loss, Woodley said after the fight, "I have to get that win. It was too close." He added, "I wasn't surprised when they said split decision, but I thought it was going to be me."

He also said of his opponent, "He was tough. He was fatigued in the fight and he found a way to keep pushing through. I can never knock him for that, but we have to run it back."

Paul agreed for a rematch only if the winner's name was tattooed on the loser. "If you get the tattoo, I love Jake Paul, let's run it back," Jake told Tyron, who replied, "Bet. Let's go."

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