Offset Slams Criticisms Over Cardi B and Lizzo Duet

The Migos star defends his wife's collaboration with the 'Truth Hurts' hitmaker amid mean comments on the internet, calling on people to stop spreading hate.

AceShowbiz - Offset thinks critics of Cardi B and Lizzo should just let them "be great."

The rapper and Lizzo have faced an online backlash after releasing the new video for their collaboration "Rumors", but Offset thinks critics should stop judging them so fiercely.

The Migos star - who has been married to Cardi since 2017 and has a three-year-old daughter with the rap star - told TMZ, "Let these beautiful black women be great, stop judging. We work hard to be entertainers for the world. Let us be."

Lizzo recently revealed she's received lots of hateful comments on social media from body-shamers and trolls since the Rumors video was released.

The chart-topping pop star fought back tears as she admitted to being "hurt" by the abusive posts, sharing, "I just feel like I'm seeing negativity directed towards me in the most weirdest way. People saying s**t about me that just doesn't even make sense."

"It's fat-phobic, and it's racist and it's hurtful. If you don't like my music, cool. If you don't like Rumors the song, cool."

The singer confessed to being shocked by the online hate, and insisted she tries to be as inclusive as possible, explaining, "I make music that I like, that's important to me, and I make music that I hope helps people."

"I'm not making music for white people - I'm not making music for anybody. I'm a black woman making music. I make black music, period. I'm not serving anyone but myself. Everyone is invited to a Lizzo show, to a Lizzo song."

Cardi B has also voiced her support for Lizzo on social media, tweeting, "When you stand up for yourself they claim your problematic & sensitive.When you don't they tear you apart until you crying like this. (sic)"

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