T.I. Wants to Have a Sit-Down With Leslie Jordan Following Homophobic Accusations

The invitation arrives after the 66-year-old actor reveales in a new Instagram video that he doesn't know who the Atlanta rapper is, let alone his 'homophobic' remarks and scandal.

AceShowbiz - T.I. has reacted to Leslie Jordan's opinion on the rapper's comments regarding homophobic scandal surrounding DaBaby. The 66-year-old "Will & Grace" actor took to his Instagram account to share a video of him recounting the moment when TMZ approached him to ask about the matter.

In the clip, Leslie revealed that he doesn't know who T.I. is, let alone his "homophobic" remarks and scandal. "They asked about T.I. He said some very homophobic things, but I don't know who that is. I've never heard of him, ever, and I watch TV." Concluding her clip, Leslie made sure he disapproved any homophobic remarks.

While the veteran actor laughed it off, T.I. had a lengthy response to it in a post on his own Instagram page on Friday, August 13. "Hey Pleasure to meet your acquaintance [email protected]," the Atlanta rapper started his post. "I appreciate the way you expressed your point of view without being offensive or negative. I truly believe this is the way we evolve and progress as a society."

"While I'm clueless as to what I said that was offensive/homophobic I welcome the opportunity to speak with you on the matter. I'm hoping we can sit down and have a conversation next time I come to LA,affording you the chance to convey your perspective to me, while allowing me to express mine to you," he continued.

"I truly believe that moments of calamity & confusion are teachable moments.... as long as we're willing to communicate respectfully having open ears,open minds, & open dialogue without attacking or condemning one another. Who knows this could be the stroke of serendipity that raises awareness,enlightens the dim, & improves the way gays & straights communicate & co-exist in the future," he went on to say.

Tip concluded, "looking forward to it....hoping you'll oblige. Until then...peace and blessings...love and respect to you and yours sir. -Tip."

Tip have been defending DaBaby, who was under fire for his homophobic comments at the Rolling Loud Festival. T.I. also accused the gay community of bullying and harassing rappers. "Everyone up in arms and upset about what DaBaby said. I understand people saying that they feel that it's insensitive," the 40-year-old musician began his statement during an Instagram Live on Wednesday, July 28.

"I think you guys have to understand that on stage, that's not the place that rappers go to be sensitive and soothe everybody's feelings. It's a place to go to have a good time," he elaborated. "If that is the case, why do words cause such a visceral reaction that will lead to someone trying to attack, villainize, demonize, crucify, condemn and like, it's, that s**t is like, now you bullying."

The rapper added, "We all stood up on behalf of gays and lesbians and people in the gay community because we thought it was some bulls**t for y'all to have to be bullied. But I don't think any of us did that to feel like you would now have the authority to come and bully us."

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