The 'Big Bang Theory' actress vehemently denies rumors suggesting she's against vaccines, insisting that she has taken Covid-19 jabs amid the ongoing pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Mayim Bialik's representative has denied the actress is an "anti-vaxxer" after fans questioned her position on the COVID-19 vaccination following comments she made in 2012.

In her 2012 book "Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way", "The Big Bang Theory" star revealed she hadn't had a vaccine in 30 years.

But in a video shared on YouTube last October (20), Mayim insisted she and her children were up to date on their jabs, as she explained, "I wrote a book about 10 years ago about my experience parenting and at the time my children had not received the typical schedule of vaccines. But I have never, not once, said that vaccines are not valuable, not useful, or not necessary because they are."

"The truth is, I delayed vaccinations for reasons that you don’t necessarily get to know about simply because you follow me on social media. As of today, my children may not have had every one of the vaccinations that your children have but my children are vaccinated. I repeat, my children are vaccinated."

And as questions were raised once again as to whether or not Mayim has had the COVID-19 vaccination, a representative for the star said in a statement, "(Mayim) has been fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus and is not at all an anti-vaxxer."

The news came after the actress was tapped as a host for "Jeopardy!" primetime and spinoff specials.

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