T.I. Slams 'Minions' Stealing His Style: 'Replicas Can Never Replace Real'

Calling out the copycats, the 'Live Your Life' hitmaker shares a quote that reads, 'you can't compete with the person you stealin' yo style from' which leaves fans and followers baffled.

AceShowbiz - Rapper T.I. isn't impressed by those trying to be his wannabes. Calling those who stole his style "minions," the "Live Your Life" rapper declared that "replicas can never replace real" on his social media platform.

Making use of his Instagram account on Wednesday, August 11, the 40-year-old rapper called out people whom he believed were copying his style. The post included an image that read, "You can't compete with the person you stealin' yo style from."

In the caption, T.I., whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., wrote, "Message to all my minions. 1st. Don't forget who taught you it was OK to be KING [crown emoji]." He went on to add, "2nd. Replicas can NEVER replace REAL... But go off tho [crown emoji] 3. If we being honest...Y'all can't even fux wit a picture of me [crown emoji] End of msg."

A few hours later, T.I. came up with another post that saw him explaining that he doesn't need to "steal" from anybody while driving. In the caption of the post, he penned, "Y'all Pardon these Big Facts wit my baby car seat in da back." He went on, "How many of ya favorites is an independent thinker and a truth speaker with NO corporate sponsor to shut him up."

"Got da same circle Dey came in the door wit, ain't ran off on nobody, ain't stabbed nobody in they back, took care of Dey family, Still welcomed, Respected & celebrated in Dey hood, stayed solid, stood tall through ALL the buuulls**t on his own2," T.I. elaborated further. He continued, "Even though he be there for errrbody else when they goin through it.... for double decades STILL & STILL HAVIN IT‼️" He then ended his note as saying, "KIIIIIIING B***H‼️"

T.I. didn't give any specific detail on who he was targeting which left many fans and followers asking him to provide some context to the statement. "I'm so lost but want to know who these damn minions are," wrote a fan in the comment section, while another inquired, "Tip know something we don't I can't wait to find out who he talking bout." Even his musician pal Jim Jones was curious as commenting, "Wait Wht u b talkin to spicey king keep goin."

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