The 'Late Show' host was absent from the 60th birthday bash of the former U.S. President because he was cut from the guest list in the massively scaling back.

AceShowbiz - Stephen Colbert was cut from the guest list at Barack Obama's 60th birthday.

The former POTUS celebrated his milestone age with a lavish bash at his 29-acre Martha's Vineyard estate over the weekend (07-08Aug21), but he was forced to cut the guest list from 500 to 200 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately for chat show host Colbert, his invitation was one of those that was ultimately retracted.

Speaking on "The Late Show", he explained, "I know what you're thinking, 'So Steve, what was the party like?' I don't know. I didn't f**king go. In the massively scaling back, I got massively scaled. The news that I didn't go might be news to some people in the news."

"Here's the thing - a hot ticket is what it was, but given the whole pandemic thing and the Delta variant, a celebrity mosh pit was maybe not the wisest choice, so Obama decided to scale back the guest list for his party."

However, Stephen and his wife Evelyn still travelled to Martha's Vineyard over the weekend as they had already booked their flights.

He explained, "We were invited... we booked a flight, got a hotel, then five days before the party got a voicemail saying they were scaling back. (Evelyn) wondered if we could still go to Martha's Vineyard and since it was all non-refundable, I said yes we can."

However, Stephen holds no ill-will towards Barack or his wife Michelle and hopes they will attend his 60th when he reaches the milestone age.

He said, "By the way Mr. Former President, my own 60th birthday is coming up in three years. And you sir are not... gonna want to miss it!"

"Please come, I'd scale me back to make room for you! And Michelle, obviously. You're lovely people, happy birthday sir!"

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