Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence Sued for Allegedly Grooming and Sexually Assaulting Minor

The lead vocalist of the 'Panty Shot' band has been slapped with a lawsuit by a former girlfriend accusing him of grooming, sexually abusing and manipulating her when she's underage.

AceShowbiz - Mindless Self Indulgence singer Jimmy Urine has been sued for sexual assault of a minor.

The lawsuit against Urine, real name James Euringer, was filed in New York Supreme Court on Monday (09Aug21).

In the suit, the woman - who remains anonymous given that she was a minor at the time of the alleged assault - claims that her sexual relationship with Euringer began in January 1997, when she was 15 and he was 27. She alleges that, over the course of the relationship, which continued until June 1999, Euringer "groomed and manipulated (her) into believing that his sexually assaultive behaviour was not criminal and that by engaging in sexual activity with him Plaintiff was actually helping to protect younger girls from sexual assaults."

Euringer knew she was a minor, the suit claims, as he at one point wrote her a letter wishing her a happy 15th birthday. He is said to have taken pictures of her naked during their relationship and is also accused of asking her to "act like a small child, and suck her thumb, drool, and pee in her pants" during sexual acts.

The punk singer allegedly purchased a fake ID for the woman, so she could accompany him to concerts and drink alcohol while telling her not to be affectionate with him in public in a bid to hide their relationship.

She has suffered emotional distress since the beginning of the relationship, according to the lawsuit, which also names Warner Music Group Corp, Warner Communications LLC, Elektra Entertainment Group and the band's former manager Joseph Galus as defendants - accusing both Elektra and Galus of negligence and aiding and abetting sexual battery.

"With their knowledge, relationship to Euringer, and control over Euringer, his shows, his music, and at times his access to minors, Defendants had the opportunity and ability to stop Euringer's sexual assaults, and to protect Plaintiff and others, but did not," the suit reads. "As a result, Plaintiff has suffered humiliation, shame, and horror that she will continue to suffer for the rest of her life."

Mindless Self Indulgence are known for their shock tactics, including calling themselves "pedophiles" in a 1996 advert for a drummer, writing a song called "Panty Shot" in which the lyrics state that life has meaning when a five-year-old spreads her legs.

Euringer was also arrested for indecent exposure in 1999 after exposing his penis onstage.

He has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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