Ryan Adams 'a Little Confused' After Ex-Wife Mandy Moore Accused Him of Abuse

The 'Heartbreaker' singer didn't understand why his former wife took part in the New York Time Expose, claiming the abuse accusations took a toll on his mental health.

AceShowbiz - Ryan Adams was "a little confused" when ex-wife Mandy Moore took aim at him in a 2019 expose in The New York Times.

The "[=This Is Us]" actress, who was married to Ryan between 2009 and 2015, was one of several women who came forward to accuse the musician of sexual misconduct and manipulative behaviour.

Mandy alleged he was psychologically abusive during their relationship and his controlling behaviour hurt her music career - allegations which Ryan has denied.

Now, in his first interview since the claims emerged, Ryan admitted he was surprised his famous ex took the route she did when it came to making the claims against him.

"I was like, 'What is the point of this now? Because this is going to hurt my family and it's going to hurt our friends.' And we talked about this stuff years ago," he explained. "Dissolving a marriage is one of the most difficult and soul-crushing things you can do. And the best you can do is to do it with care. We did the best that we could. So, yeah, I was a little confused."

Ryan also said he had never intended to prevent Mandy from exploring a music career.

"I don't know how I would've prevented her from exploring that or pursuing it with someone else if I couldn't offer it," he mused. "I understand her disappointment. I see her point of view. I understand the frustration she must have been feeling. I wanted to be as helpful as I could."

Ryan found himself floundering both personally and professionally in the wake of the expose, which resulted in his tours being cancelled and the planned release of an album stalled. And being "cancelled" also had a dramatic effect on his mental health.

"I felt like they were asking me to die," he recalled. "So I'm losing my life's work, and my dream of who I am, my ability to provide for myself. And I now don't have the emotional support to help fix this. The door has slammed and what am I going to do?"

"I couldn't sleep. Anxiety made me so sick. I couldn't fix it. I was functional in that I kept my house OK, and my cats were OK. But I was not well."

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