Lil Baby 'Starving' During Paris Arrest

Reflecting on his time during a run-in with Parisian officials in July, the Drip Too Hard' spitter recalls the tense moment as he thought that he was going to spend months in jail.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby endured quite sufferance during his recent Paris arrest. Being locked up on a marijuana charge back in July after going to Paris Fashion Week, he refused to eat though he was starving in prison.

The "Close Friends" MC opened up about his time in the Parisian jail while visiting Icebox. Recalling the run-in with officials in the foreign country, he said that while behind bars, he was given "a bowl of rice with milk" which he refused to eat, although he said he was "starving."

"I know what happened now that I done thought about it. I got locked up like, Thursday night and I had a show Saturday," he detailed what went down at the time. "I'm like, if I don't get out Friday, I'm gonna get out Monday. I ain't tryin' to miss my show on Saturday."

He remembered things were tense because people weren't expecting the show to go down after news of his arrest went viral, while he thought that he was going to spend months in jail because he was not in his home country.

"I'm talking, the whole world's texting, DMing me," Lil Baby went on recounting. "I know y'all see me going to jail, they like, 'You good?' Like nah n***a, I'm not good! I went to jail a lot of times, right? But they speak English."

In a separate interview with Billboard, Lil Baby, born Dominique Armani Jones, revealed how the Paris arrest led him to a new perspective. "The whole Paris experience let me know I got to get bigger overseas," he said. "Not saying to not go to jail for breaking the law, but for the police to know who I am."

Yet, his priorities remain his children as he explained, "Everything I'm doing is really for my kids." He further shared how he plans to cement his legacy with kids, "I want more kids than I got because once you get older, you start to look at life differently. Where I come from, I'm the only one, so I have to build the generation up and keep the family going. I need more children to continue the legacy."

Lil Baby was detained in Paris on July 7 on a drug charge while enjoying the Parisian sites with James Harden. At the time, two plainclothes officers approached them for the "strong smell of cannabis" that allegedly permeated from their car.

The two initially refused to let the cops search the vehicle due to confusion caused by the language barrier. When the cops were eventually given access to the car, they discovered 32 grams of marijuana. While the basketballer was only frisked, the rapper was taken into custody on suspicion of transporting drugs and was released after issued a fine for the cannabis possession.

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