Elsa Pataky on Going Back Living in a City: It's Not for Me

Having been raising her children with husband Chris Hemsworth in Byron Bay, the 'Interceptor' actress shares her thoughts on whether it was difficult for her family to adapt to life in Sydney.

AceShowbiz - Actress Elsa Pataky could never live in a city again.

The star, who was born in Madrid, Spain, and her husband Chris Hemsworth are raising their daughter nine-year-old India and seven-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha in Byron Bay in the "Thor" actor's native Australia.

She recently spent eight months shooting her film "Interceptor" in Sydney, and the urban experience isn't something she's keen to repeat.

Asked if it was difficult for the family to adapt to life in Sydney, Elsa told Hola! magazine, "Honestly, yes, especially for the children. It was a bigger shock for them, with all the traffic."

"In the end, they got used to being there and loved it. It was an experience for them. I definitely couldn't live in [a city] again. It's not for me."

And Elsa admitted the kids were thrilled to get back home to their small coastal town in New South Wales.

She said, "The children were longing to revert back to being barefoot savages."

"This is where we belong, where my children have grown up."

That aside, Elsa revealed the secret to her happy marriage to Chris. "We enjoy doing the same stuff and Chris has a great sense of humour and knows how to take the sting out of things," she shared elsewhere in the interview. "He always makes me and the kids laugh or when I'm angry, he tells a joke to lighten the mood. Humour counts for a lot. More than anything, I enjoy laughing with him."

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