Coi Leray Defended by Fans After a Woman Disses the Femcee With Their Picture Together

After sharing two pictures of her and the 'No More Parties' raptress on Facebook, Lea Royer claims she looks 'more like a celebrity' than the hip-hop star.

AceShowbiz - Coi Leray definitely can rely on her fans for unconditional support. After the "No More Parties" femcee got dissed by a woman who asked for pictures with her, many of the raptress' online devotees were quick to jump to her defense.

Recently, a woman named Lea Royer shared two photos of her posing next to Leray as they smiled for the camera. Instead of showing that she was a fan, Royer suggested otherwise by captioning the post, "I look more like a celebrity than her tbh. (Not the fit just the face) y'all d**ksucking ode [crying laughing emoji]."

While Leray has yet to react to the post, many of her fans defended her by attacking Royer. "What type of weirdo fans out for a pic just to say some dumb s**t like this in the caption lmaooo nobody knows you at the end and start of the day," one person argued.

Another dispute the woman's claim, "Not the synthetic wig and the platform sandals, baby you don't even look like you popular in yo city." Someone else added, "No she still look more like a celebrity cuz she actually is known…YOU NOT. next time do better sis with uplifting women and know your place."

Instead of apologizing amid the criticism, Royer decided to hit back at her attackers. "Y'all getting so mad cause i said i look like MORE of a celebrity. I personally feel like i look better than her. It's not hate, never called her ugly or poor. Y'all reaching i asked her for a pic, looked at the pic and was like who's the celebrity here me or her. y'all so angry for what. Mad cause y'all ain't meet her," she pointed out.

The woman went on to give more clarification via Facebook Live. "Clearly y'all misunderstood the context of my post because y'all think I'm hatin' on Coi Leray, I'm never hatin' bro... Never did I say that I feel like I look better than her, that I look prettier than her, that I have more money than her," she claimed. "Y'all crazy, y'all really miserable... y'all delusional."

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