Omeretta Calls Out Body-Shamers Suggesting She Needs Bigger Butt to Look Better

'It's nothing wrong with having a normal body I wish people stop letting comments like this drive them to change,' the rapper tells her Instagram followers in response to being body-shamed.

AceShowbiz - Omeretta is not here for body-shamers. The raptress has made use of her Instagram account to clap back at someone who criticized her body, noting that she would have looked better with bigger butt.

Alongside a picture of the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star, the said critic wrote on the photo-sharing platform on Monday, July 26, "If she had a a** she would b the baddest chocolate thang alive on god! She just need a lil more a** man." Omeretta caught wind of the post and quickly blasted the critic.

"This is weird af. This why so many girls walking around looking like ants now," she responded. Not feeling flattered a little bit, she added, "Aint s**t wrong with my body I got enough a** to fit my body size please this is not a compliment."

Retta further made it sure that her message reached more people as she reposted it on her feed. "Ima just leave this here… I'm so happy I'm confident in the skin I was born in cuz this internet sh!t got folks tripping," she wrote in the caption.

"It's nothing wrong with having a normal body I wish people stop letting comments like this drive them to change stuff about they selves that's already Perfect… don't nobody gotta like the way you look expect the person u go home to every night and if they don't like it u need a new person!!! Period," she concluded.

Fans showered the star with praises in the comment section. "You are beautiful, f**k what they talking about," one person told Retta. Finding Retta's post relatable, another fan wrote, "I swear cause I'm tired of hearing ' you pretty to b dark skin or you pretty but you too skinny.' "

"They always want darkskin women to meet standards they would never put on a white or lightskin women smh," one other fan added. "Girl yes I just said this. These girls are so worried about how they body look now verses later cause I promise it will get old as you age," another comment read.

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