Kelly Osbourne Devastated as Her Dog Dies Two Months After Emergency Visit to ICU

The former 'Fashion Police' star is mourning the loss of her beloved pet Polly as the furry animal passes away two months after she rushed the dog to a veterinarian.

AceShowbiz - Kelly Osbourne has been left devastated by the death of her beloved Pomeranian, Polly.

The pooch has died from a pulmonary heart defect and the singer and TV personality took to social media on Thursday (22Jul21) to share her heartache, telling followers, "I do not no how to go on without her (sic)."

"To say I'm devastated is an understatement," "The Osbournes" star wrote. "I have never felt pain like this. I have lost my shadow. I don't think I will ever get over this. My heart is broken. I am broken!!!"

"I am not in a place to even talk about it. To all my close friends... if I don't respond please understand that I just need time."

Polly's death comes two months after Osbourne and her boyfriend, Erik Bragg, rushed the pet to the veterinarian when her heart stopped.

"They don't know why," Osbourne wrote on 17 May. "This dog means more to me than anything in the world. She is my heart and soul. I don't think I would still be here if it was not for this dog. Please pray for her."

Kelly also has another dog named Oat. In January this year, she posted a picture of her sleeping with the furry animal, "This dog saved my life in so many ways. I could not have gotten through 2020 without her she literally saved my life. This is how we sleep every night."

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