A paparazzo, whom the 'F**kin' Problems' spitter allegedly knows well, accuses the rapper of having poor hygiene after the pap uploaded ugly pictures of the 'Umbrella' singer.

AceShowbiz - A$AP Rocky's attempt to play a knight for Rihanna apparently didn't go well. The rapper has been exposed by a paparazzo after he reportedly confronted the pap for posting ugly pictures of his girlfriend.

The paparazzi, known as Khrome, went on Instagram Live to detail his beef with Rocky. According to a fan's description of the video, the former A$AP Mob member went of on the pap after the latter caught the Barbadian songstress looking bad.

After the pictures surfaced, Rih allegedly complained to Rocky, who later confronted the paparazzo. Hitting back at the 32-year-old star, Khrome said that the "F**kin Problems" spitter wore the same clothes for three days each time he saw him, alluding that he may have poor hygiene.

The pap and Rocky are said to have known each other for a long time and used to have a good relationship prior to this. The Manhattan-born star reportedly would call Khrome whenever he wanted his candid photos taken. He allegedly even invited the pap to the set of his upcoming music video featuring Rihanna.

Should the news be true, this wasn't the first time Rocky was trying to be a protective boyfriend for Rihanna. In late June, he was caught having an argument with a security guard at a New York City club, Barcade, who denied his girlfriend entry without showing an ID.

In a short clip that circulated online at the time, Rocky was seen speaking passionately to the bouncer while occasionally pointing to his girlfriend. In the meantime, Rihanna remained calm during the conversation. The R&B songstress was only seen letting out a few words to the security guard while still keeping a smile on her face.

It's unclear how they resolved the issue, but the pair were eventually allowed to enter the bar. They were seen smooching inside the establishment during their dinner date.

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