Robert Downey Jr. Leaves Fans in Shook as He Unfollows Marvel Co-Stars on Instagram

The Iron Man depicter sends fans into frenzy as he appears to distance himself from the superhero character by downsizing his following list and removing the Iron Man photo on his profile.

AceShowbiz - Robert Downey Jr. may have hung his Iron Man suit, but he is still closely associated to the Marvel superhero. Thus, fans were left in shook when the actor has seemingly distanced himself from the character he made famous in big screen.

It all started as fans noticed that the "Ally McBeal" alum is now unfollowing his MCU co-stars, including close friends Chris Evans and Tom Holland, on Instagram. In fact, he only follows 43 accounts and his fellow "Avengers" stars apparently didn't make the cut.

The 56-year-old actor even changed the header on his account to remove the Iron Man photo he had previously, and replace it with his portrait in black and white. His move sparked theory that he's "moving on."

"I don't know what's happening Mr Stark...WHYYY DID YOUU UNFOLLOW THE MARVEL CAST ON INSTAGRAM?" one shocked fan tweeted. Another commented in disbelief, "So RDJ unfollowed the Marvel cast on IG and changed his iron man header. Oh. Including Evans and Holland. Oh wow."

Despite the wild theory, it is noted that Downey's social media accounts were previously handled by his long-time personal assistant Jimmy Rich, who passed away in a horrific car crash last May. It is possible that the actor's agent was also responsible for unfollowing his "Avengers" castmates and even removing his Iron Man profile picture.

It's likely that Downey's team is trying to focus on promoting the Footprint Coalition, an organization he founded to fight the climate crisis and that its official website describes as "a coalition of investors, donors, and storytellers committed to scaling technologies to restore our planet."

Nevertheless, fans can rest assured that the Iron Man star doesn't cut all ties with his Marvel co-stars as he still follows them on Twitter.

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