Big Cockroach Crawls Behind Sheryl Underwood on 'The Talk', Fans Freak Out

The co-host is talking about an altercation that occurred on a Delta Airlines flight when the six-legged space invader makes its TV debut as it's making its way up the on-set furniture.

AceShowbiz - "The Talk" had an univited guest in one of its episodes this week. After watching the talk show's June 14 episode, fans could not help but freak out when they noticed a huge cockroach was crawling on the wall behind co-host Sheryl Underwood.

At one point in the episode, Sheryl was talking about an altercation that occurred on a Delta Airlines flight. As the camera panned to her, the six-legged space invader made its TV debut as it could be seen making its way up the on-set furniture. It remained to be seen if Sheryl noticed the intruder, though the Emmy-winning presenter stumbled over her words a bit before managing to appear unfazed.

Despite her looking relatively calm, fans quickly took to Internet to react to the disgusting interruption. "@TheTalkCBS watching and I see a cockroach or something walking eww yuck #cockroach #bug #thetalk," one Twitter user wrote. "I am day on @TheTalkCBS fan. I saw cockroach yet I wasn't gonna say nothing he's a fan. @sherylunderwood," another person said. "The giant roach behind Sheryl Underwood is sending me #The Talk," one other viewer reacted.

"Omg so I'm watching the Talk n Sheryl underwood is talking about the out of control passenger n this big a** cockroach literally walks pass in one of the pictures behind her head, he made is 1st television debut damn even the roaches get on tv B4 me," one user added. "HOLY S*** LIVE TV RULES THERE IS A GIANT COCKROACH OR CICADA THAT WAS CRAWLING ON THE SET," read another comment.

The cockroach fiasco aside, "The Talk" recently celebrated for being renewed for a 12th season. "JUST ANNOUNCED! #TheTalk has been officially renewed for another year on @CBS returning for a 12th season in 2021-2022! More fun, more topics, more talk!" the show's official Twitter account posted earlier this week.

The renewal arrived after the show fired Sharon Osbourne, who has yet to be replaced. Back in March, the British star departed from the show following a heated on-air chat about her friend Piers Morgan's comments on Meghan Markle, whom he believes was lying about her remarks during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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