Wendy Williams Brags About Spending Time With Lamar Odom After His Boxing Match Win

The TV talk show host suggests she's having an intimate time with the former basketball player in her suite after he beat Aaron Carter in a celebrity boxing match.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams continues to tease about her personal life now that she's back in the market. The TV personality has bragged about spending time with Lamar Odom following his boxing match win over the weekend.

Making use of her Instagram page, the 56-year-old posted on Saturday, June 12 a picture of a belt from Official Celebrity Boxing with her name on it to honor her as "A True Champion Queen of Talk Shows." In the caption, she claimed that Lamar let her try on his championship belt and complimented her about her "small waist."

"@lamarodom is the MAN!!" Wendy raved over Lamar, before sharing, "He spent time with me after his WIN. He put this belt on me & commented on my small waist in a good way." Insinuating that they had an intimate moment, she continued, "He was VERY wanting to take a shower. He left my suite, I got to my car & fell in my fortress bed 4am."

Wendy's post naturally got people speculating about her relationship with Lamar, with one asking, "U didn't hook up? Hit it and quit it honey." Another commented, "ATP… Wendy shooting her shot everywhere."

Some others wondered why Wendy went into details about her time with Lamar. "Why the hell is she blurting all that out ?" one confused user asked. Another speculated, "I'm sorry but either she was drunk or hacked cause these words together."

Wendy, who is currently single after breaking up with Mike Esterman, recently asked Gary Owen out for dinner amid his divorce from Kenya Duke. When the comedian stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" on Thursday, June 10, the host asked, "Do you have plans for dinner?" in front of her audience. Seemingly stunned by the invite, the funnyman took a few seconds before replying to Wendy, "No, I don't have plans for dinner."

Making her intention clearer, Wendy asked her guest, "Would you like to have dinner?" She then tried to tempt her by describing a place she found which serves tasty foods, but Gary seemed hesitant to answer. When the 56-year-old writer thought it was a "no" from Gary, he explained that he refused to give the answer on air because he feared that media will twist the story.

Lamar, meanwhile, declared that he is single during an appearance on Wendy's show in May. "I'm still single, Wendy," the former NBA star claimed. "Happily single. I'm in Atlanta."

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