Kate Winslet Gets Candid on Why Husband Added Her Last Name to His Own

Aside from talking about Edward Abel Smith's decision to add Winslet to his middle name, the 'Titanic' actress praises him for giving up his career at Richard Branson's spaceflight company for their family.

AceShowbiz - Kate Winslet's husband has had the actress' last name added to his own legal documents simply to make it "easier" for family travels.

The "Titanic" star has been married to Edward Abel Smith, formerly known as Ned Rocknroll, since 2012, and the couple shares a seven-year-old son named Bear.

Young Bear and her two older children from previous marriages, Mia, 20, and Joe, 17, all have Winslet as part of their names, so Smith decided to adopt the moniker, too.

"He added 'Winslet' as one of his middle names, just simply because the children have Winslet," the "Revolutionary Road" star explained to The New York Times. "When we're all travelling together, to all have that name on the passport makes life easier."

It's not clear when Smith, the nephew of Richard Branson, had his wife's last name legally inserted into his own, but he reverted back to Smith from his Rocknroll pseudonym not long after Bear was born.

Meanwhile, Winslet has heaped praise on her man for giving up his career at Branson's spaceflight company Virgin Galactic to take care of their family.

"He's the superhot, superhuman, stay-at-home dad," she gushed to the Times. "He looks after us, especially me. I said to him earlier, like, 'Neddy, could you do something for me?' He just went, 'Anything...' "

Smith has even proved key to helping Winslet prepare for her onscreen roles, despite struggling with reading disorder dyslexia.

"He is an absolutely extraordinary life partner," she continued. "I'm so, so, so lucky. For a man who is severely dyslexic, as he is, he's great at testing me on lines. It's so hard for him to read out loud, but he still does it."

And despite his previous Rocknroll moniker, Winslet reveals her husband is actually quite the opposite. "He's vegan, does yoga, breath work and cold water swims," she smiled.

Winslet shares daughter Mia with her first husband, filmmaker Jim Threapleton, and son Joe with second husband, director Sam Mendes.

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