Matthew McConaughey, The Rock, Caitlyn Jenner Ripped by Bill Maher Over Political Ambitions

Celebrities who announced they would love to launch political career have been ripped to shreds by the HBO talk show host as he explains why they're not qualified for public office.

AceShowbiz - Comedian Bill Maher has ripped into Matthew McConaughey and Dwayne Johnson for even considering they are smart enough to run for public office.

The movie stars, Randy Quaid, and Caitlyn Jenner have all announced they are interested in politics in recent months and Maher skewered them on his show "Real Time" on Friday night (28May21), revealing none of them are even qualified to think about becoming a Governor or President.

"Someone must explain why celebrities running for high office is a recurring nightmare we cannot seem to shake," he said, agreeing each of the four stars has what it takes - "malignant narcissism."

"Did we all not just witness the cautionary tale named Donald Trump? The last four years was a warning, not an inspiration. You were supposed to see that and think, 'I guess high-level government jobs should go to people who've trained for it and know what they're doing.' "

"I'm sure Caitlyn Jenner is a nice person but as California Governor, she would be in charge of the world's fifth largest economy, based on her qualifications of being a background actor in a reality show not about her... When did governing become the safety school for when the guest spots on Chicago Fire dry up...?"

"Perhaps you've noticed that things in America have been a little different these last five months (since Joe Biden's presidency began). That's because there are people back in charge, who spent their formative years not on a soundstage, but studying the stuff you need to know to be effective on the world stage..."

"There's a thousand things you have to know before taking office, to do it right... Can our celebrity friends tell us... what is budget reconciliation? What are the three legs of our nuclear triad...? What does the Fed do? Where's Chad? What agency is responsible for our nuclear weapons? What does the 14th amendment say?"

"Governing is not a job you can pick up on the afternoon of the inauguration," he concluded. "You can't learn it on the fly... (Russian leader Vladimir) Putin's not on a green screen and he doesn't give a s**t about your million dollar smile. If he tells you at a summit that he'd like to take Belarus now, you have to know that's a country and not his lunch order."

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