Salma Hayek Lost Big Movie Roles Due to Mexican Heritage Despite Glowing Auditions

The 'Desperado' actress claims she was denied leading roles in 'two big comedies' just because she's Mexican despite having 'the best audition' among the candidates.

AceShowbiz - Salma Hayek was turned down for two comedies because she was Mexican.

The 54-year-old star claims she was told after her auditions that she was the best of those who tried out for the role but she was ultimately passed over because the studio wouldn't want her as the lead.

Speaking about being passed for "two big comedies," she told Variety, "Afterwards the directors told me that I was the best audition and that I was better than who they cast and that they regretted it. But at the time, they knew the studios wouldn't have gone for a Mexican as the lead."

Salma was already famous in her home country before she made the move to Hollywood, but she knew it was going to be a big jump to make it in the film industry.

"If you are a woman and you are in a movie that is very successful and they say you are their favourite character, they will still give all credits of the box office to the guy," she added.

"They don't count who you're bringing into the theatres. In my case, I was already a very big star in my country. I was bringing the Latino market into the theatres. I know some of the studios knew that. But they didn't want to accept the value of the Latino market at the time."

Salma is appearing in the new Marvel movie, "Eternals", and she admits she was shocked as she thought she had long missed out on the chance.

Speaking about her new role, she added, "It never crossed my mind to be in a Marvel movie. I guess that I thought that boat had sailed, and it was an absolute shock."

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