Tristan Thompson Challenges Sydney Chase to Show Alleged Texts in Another Legal Threat

In a new letter sent to the Instagram model, the pro basketball player's legal team demands that she prove the existence of his alleged text messages to her or shut up.

AceShowbiz - Tristan Thompson apparently has so much confidence amid his latest cheating allegations. The NBA star has fired off another legal threat to Sydney Chase, who has revealed she slept with him several months ago, and he's now allegedly pressuring her to show the receipts of her claims.

In the letter obtained by TMZ, the pro basketball player's attorney Marty Singer challenges the Instagram model to prove the existence of Tristan's alleged salacious text messages to her. The attorney insists that if Sydney cannot show the texts, it can only lead to one "inescapable conclusion ... that they do not exist."

Tristan's attorney previously slapped Sydney with a cease and desist following her interview on Adam22's "No Jumper" podcast, suggesting that Tristan had been unfaithful to his rumored girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. The letter stated that her allegations are "malicious defamatory fabrications."

"Mr. Thompson had no relationship with you whatsoever and he never sent you any such texts," Tristan's attorney Marty said, adding, "It is obvious that you are a liar." The letter went on warning that if Sydney doesn't stop "defaming" Tristan in the media or online, "you do so at your peril since you may find yourself in court attempting to defend your indefensible misconduct."

Sydney initially denied receiving the letter, before later changing her tune. "I finally received the cease & desist hours after I made my post online. It was first sent to an email I no longer use," so she wrote on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, May 5. Refusing to be silenced, she then added, "However I'm moving forward with the truth & am choosing not to comply." She ended her statement with a declaration that read, "I will not be called a liar."

In the new legal threat, Tristan's legal team accuses Sydney of "changing the purported 'facts' to fit [her] story." They claim the 23-year-old is making false claims about the Boston Celtics star to get her 15 minutes of fame.

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