Christie Brinkley Depressed as Hip Replacement Reminds Her of Her Old Age

The 67-year-old model says, while a hip replacement helped to fix her health problems, she was left feeling dejected because the surgery made her feel old.

AceShowbiz - Christie Brinkley admits having a hip replacement was "really depressing" as it made her acknowledge she's getting older.

The 67-year-old model revealed in January (21) that she had undergone a hip replacement to fix an injury from 26 years earlier, when she was in a backcountry skiing helicopter crash, via an Instagram post.

And now, Christie has explained the operation made her feel "old" and left her upset at the thought of getting older.

She said, "I started feeling like, 'Oh my gosh, this is how you get old.' "

"It was really depressing so I thought, you know what, I'm going to start to whittle away at it. I'm going to do whatever it takes. I'm going to start to whittle away at this and I thought the hip is what scares me the most. Let me check in on the hip."

But after having the surgery, Christie couldn't be happier with the difference it has made to her life.

Offering her advice to anyone else who is putting off medical care, she told the "Dr. Oz Show", "I tell you for people at home, go speak to the doctors. Find out what they can do for you."

"You know the more you learn about it the less afraid you will be and don't be afraid because you know what these surgeries can do now. The way they have perfected them is really amazing."

Christie Brinkley previously said, despite her age, she refused to retire, "I'm too young not to be working. I love my job."

Her busy schedule was also partly to blame for her delayed hip replacement, "I injured my hip in a back country skiing helicopter crash on a mountaintop in Telluride many years ago. The pain in my hip got a little bit worse each year. 12 years ago I was told it needed to be replaced but the surgery was daunting! And I had things to do!"

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