Vicky Cornell has settled her legal spat with her late husband's doctor after she accused him of over-prescribing mind-bending drugs that led to the star's tragic suicide.

AceShowbiz - Chris Cornell's widow and his doctor have reached a confidential settlement in an ongoing legal spat over the drugs she claims prompted the rocker to take his life.

Vicky Cornell accused Dr. Robert Koblin of over-prescribing mind-bending drugs that led to her husband's May 2017 suicide in a Detroit, Michigan hotel room.

In her lawsuit, she claimed Koblin prescribed 940 doses of the anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam as well as Oxycodone during the last 20 months of his life without examining the Soundgarden star.

She alleged the doctor did not protect Cornell even though he knew the rock star was an "addiction-prone individual" and never warned his celebrity patient about the dangers of suicide and other side effects.

"At the time of his death, Mr. Cornell had everything to live for and was planning a future of recordings, performances and continued work as a charitable activist," Vicky's lawsuit added.

In his response, Koblin insisted Cornell was well aware of the risks linked to the anti-anxiety medication prescribed to him. He also claimed the rocker asked "not to be informed" of all the risks associated with taking anti-anxiety medication.

Vicky was suing the doctor for unspecified damages, but it appears she and Koblin reached a settlement last month (Apr21).

"After years of litigation and settlement negotiations, plaintiffs and (Dr. Robert Koblin and Robertson Cardiovascular Center LLC) have reached a confidential settlement agreement to resolve all claims asserted by each plaintiff," the Cornell family's attorneys state in court papers.

A hearing to end the legal spat has been scheduled for 26 July (21).

Traces of sedatives and an anxiety drug were found in Cornell's system at the time of his death, but he died by hanging himself, according to the medical examiner, who also insisted the drugs didn't contribute to the cause of death.

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