Miranda Lambert Tears Up at First Concert Since COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking the stage at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth, Texas, the Grammy-winning singer breaks into tears while singing 'The House That Built Me' in front of a socially-distanced audience.

AceShowbiz - Miranda Lambert could not help but get emotional while performing at her first concert since the COVID-19 pandemic. When taking the stage at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth, Texas, the country singer broke down in tears.

The 37-year-old shared on TikTok a video of herself crying on stage while singing "The House That Built Me" in front of a socially-distanced audience at the Thursday, April 22 concert. Alongside the footage, she wrote, "First show back in over a year. I missed y'all so much."

Miranda told the crowd, per Entertainment Tonight, "No matter what I've ever done in my career and what I'm still gonna do, somehow I still feel most at home on a barstool under a neon sign," She added, "I walked in here and I took a little tour around, and I just felt so at home. I remembered why I do this and why I missed y'all's faces so damn much."

The "Mama's Broken Heart" songstress performed at the concert from Thursday to Saturday, April 24. She is set to take the stage again on Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1.

Miranda, who will release "The Marfa Tapes" album in May along with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, revealed that she took a break from music in the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. "The first six months of 2020, I didn't write anything. I didn't do anything," she told Entertainment Weekly for its June issue. "I painted and cooked. Like everyone else, I ate too much and tried out all the wine and found all the places we had it hidden."

"After about six months, I started to miss it so much I was like, 'I need to create. I don't feel like myself.' That's where Marfa came in. It was my burst of creativity," the ex-wife of Blake Shelton added. "When you slow down that much, you're like, 'Wow. I was really going 100 miles an hour, not only physically but mentally.' It was nice to just check out."

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