Kim Kardashian Not Feeling Caitlyn Jenner's Thoughts on Prison Reform

Earlier this month, the former Olympic gold medalist-turned-transgender icon declared her intention to run for California governor, writing on Twitter, 'I'm in! California is worth fighting for.'

AceShowbiz - As Caitlyn Jenner has announced her bid for Governor of California, she seemingly will not get support from Kim Kardashian. According to a new report, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star was left disturbed after reading Caitlyn's campaign that was largely centered on sentiments against Gavin Newsom, California's current governor.

The report noted that Kim didn't agree with her former stepmom's opinions regarding releasing "dangerous criminals" from prison. In response to a report of a seven-month-old child being murdered by a man who was released after being arrested for domestic violence, Cait tweeted on Saturday, "This is horrible and also avoidable. Gavin's District Attorneys across California are releasing dangerous criminals back on to our streets. Enough is enough."

The remarks allegedly didn't sit well with Kim considering that she's known as someone who advocates for prison reform. Sources close to both parties claimed to TMZ that the 40-year-old social media personality and TV star was both "disappointed" and "disturbed" with Caitlyn's tweet and general views on prison reform.

During recent years, the SKIMS founder has helped numerous people who were previously sentenced to life, including Alice Marie Johnson, Momolu Stewart and Tynice Hall, getting parole out of prison.

Earlier this month, Caitlyn declared her intention to run for California governor, writing on Twitter on Friday, April 23, "I'm in! California is worth fighting for." She also shared an official press release in which she blasted Gavin for enforcing an "over-restrictive lockdown" to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. "For the past decade, we have seen the glimmer of the Golden State reduced by one-party rule that places politics over progress and special interests over people," Caitlyn said in the statement.

She added, "Sacramento needs an honest leader with a clear vision. I have been a compassionate disrupter throughout my life, from representing the United States and winning a gold medal at the Olympics to helping advance the movement for equality."

"As Californians, we face a now-or-never opportunity to fundamentally fix our state before it's too late... I am a proven winner and the only outsider who can put an end to Gavin Newsom's disastrous time as governor. Californians want better and deserve better from their governor...," the former Olympic gold medallist-turned-transgender icon insisted. Concluding the statement, the former spouse of Kris Jenner added, "This isn't the California we know. This is Gavin Newsom's California, where he orders us to stay home but goes out to dinner with his lobbyist friends."

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