'DWTS' Pro-Dancer Lindsay Arnold Denies Photoshopping Her C-Section Scar

'It's important to me that you all know that my c-section scar is now my favorite part of my body,' the 27-year-old new mom writes in an Instagram post.

AceShowbiz - "Dancing with the Stars" pro-dancer Lindsay Arnold has addressed accusations that she edited her c-section scar out of photos. The 27-year-old star decided to set the record straight, speaking out against the Photoshop allegations in an Instagram post on April 13.

Lindsay posted a new picture featuring her lounging by the pool in a red bikini. She wore a wide-rimmed hat which she used to cover her face from the scorching sun. Lindsay then talked about her c-section scar in the caption.

"C-Section Scar: there has been some speculation on my last couple posts about whether or not I have been photoshopping my scar out of my pictures...," she wrote to her followers. "now I usually don't even give time of day to comments like this BUT I feel like this needs to be addressed as it's important to me that you all know that my c-section scar is now my favorite part of my body."

She went on saying, "It is the representation of the thing I am most proud of in my life and that is our sweet Sagey. I seriously want to show my scar to everyone I see cause I think it's so insane and crazy cool that Sage came out of that little cut in my belly?! I mean come on how incredible is that?!"

"What's also incredible are amazing doctors that make it possible to do a c-section and have the scar be so low it is not even visible in a bikini (had to pull my suit down low for this) which is why you all are not seeing it in my pics," she concluded, "I would never and have never photoshopped any part of my body and wanted a dedicated post to my beautiful scar that I truly love so much so hahaha for those who care or even read this far, no I am not photoshopping my scar out of anything and in case anyone forgot WOMENS BODIES ARE INCREDIBLE."

Her sister Jensen Arnold showed support to Lindsay in the comment section. "You're amazing linds!! Love you so much!!" she wrote. Fellow moms also expressed agreement to Lindsay's sentiment as one said, "I have had 2 c-sections and it brought my 2 biggest blessings into this world and I'm not ashamed of my scar, my babies are healthy and I love them."

One follower, meanwhile, told the professional dancer that she didn't have to prove anything to people. "Girlfriend, you don't have to prove anything to us!! This mom shaming these days is out of control!! You are an amazing woman!!!" the person stated. "People don't realize how low it is!" someone else noted.

Lindsay and her husband Sam Cusick welcomed their first child in November 2020. "The most beautiful surprise on this very special day," Lindsay shared through Instagram on November 2. "Baby Girl and mama are healthy and well. More details to come but wanted to share this first pic of our little family #birth #mama #babygirl #csection #pregnancy #39weeks."

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