Darius Morris' Ex Defends Black Men Against Racist Claims After Coming Up With Abuse Claims

Instead of speaking of black men in general, Kristen Evangeline stresses that her experience with her former NBA star ex-boyfriend reflects the behavior of 'an individual who was raised wrong.'

AceShowbiz - Kristen Evangeline doesn't tolerate racism. The ex-girlfriend of Darius Morris has taken to her Instagram Story to shut down commenters who seemingly made absurd claims about black men in general following her story of alleged abuse at the hands of the former NBA star.

On Wednesday, April 7, Kristen wrote on her Story, "I will not tolerate any racism on my page." Seemingly stressing that her experience with her former boyfriend doesn't reflect the behavior of other black men in general, she said of where Darius might get his bad trait, "This was an individual who was raised wrong," adding, "Not all black men."

Kristen previously made use of Instagram to open up about being an alleged abuse victim by her former boyfriend Darius. She shared footage of his brutal beatdown and graphic photo of her injuries. The legal finance detailed the alleged attack in the caption of her post, writing, "he beat me covered my mouth and nose until blood vessels burst in my face. He kicked my face into my cement floor breaking my teeth. He punched and kicked me in the face for hours."

Kristen said Darius became angry after she caught him cheating on her and asked him to leave. "He beat me for hours," she claimed. "Then got angry I didn't cook for him. Made me have sex. Then went to sleep. I got him arrested. And he came back and I let him in BC it was the quarantine. And he tried to do it 3 more times. My neighbors saved me."

Even after his violent attack, Kristen claimed Darius didn't apologize to her and asked her to apologize to him instead, believing that her lies caused all of this. While she kept this from her family, Kristen said his family was aware of his behavior, but "instead of helping.. they blamed me too."

Kristen later deleted the said post, but addressed it on her Instagram Story as writing, "Tbh I feel sick and anxious. I've never talked about my personal life on social media before. I just don't want to be a victim any more." She further explained why she finally opened up about this alleged abuse, "I just wanted to not feel like this and he made every step harder and harder for me."

Darius has not responded to Kristen's accusations and it's unclear if she plans to make criminal complaint regarding his alleged attack on her.

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