King Von's Cousin Shows Injuries From Fight With the Rapper's Sister Kayla at Club

Baylo alleges on his Instagram Story that the late rapper's sister had security trying to escort him off the stage for no reason after their altercation video surfaces online.

AceShowbiz - King Von's sister Kayla has made herself a new enemy and this time it's none other than her own relative. Having publicly beefed with Cuban Doll several months ago, Kayla has now been involved in a nightclub brawl with the late rapper's cousin Baylo.

In a video which has been circulating online, Baylo appeared to lose his cool and threw money at Kayla. Baylo himself posted footage from the fight, showing Kayla seemingly rushing to him at one point during the night.

Baylo was taken to the hospital following the physical altercation with Kayla. In another video he shared on his Instagram Story, he's still wearing a hospital wristband while in the car and showing his minor injuries that he allegedly got from the incident. He appeared to suffer bruises on his hand and head. "Lol," he simply captioned it.

It's unclear what triggered the fight, but Baylo put the blame on Kayla. In another post, he wrote, "Since Kayla wanna play... Watch this lol hold on y'all." He added, "Had them weak was security try to escort Me off the stage for no reason I was throwing money so I threw money at her."

Kayla has not addressed her fight with Baylo, but she is no stranger to having a public confrontation with her enemy. Back in January, she met up with Cuban Doll in Atlanta to settle their differences after they exchanged insults on social media.

Things turned physical during their head-to-head showdown, with Kayla admitting that they bit each other during the fight. "She was bitting my tit. then I got to do her a** back tf," she tweeted after the fight.

In response, Cuban claimed in her tweets that Kayla was actually as brutal as her. "And you clearly was pulling my hair to b***h both hand on my head you bit my face to. Ain't s**t wrong with my face," she said. Cuban, however, assured that her face was okay despite the attack.

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