Travis Barker Trolled After Caught Sucking Kourtney Kardashian's Finger During UFC Fight

The Poosh founder herself appears to be enjoying her drummer boyfriend's public display of affection despite people's concern of possible germ spreading amid the ongoing pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's recent double date with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly has left a discussion that lasts much longer than their date itself. Social media users can't help weighing in on the couple's public display of affection as the rocker was caught seemingly sucking his girlfriend's finger during an UFC fight.

In a video which has gone viral, the Blink-182 drummer was seen holding the reality TV star's hand close to his mouth while watching the match from the VIP section in a Las Vegas arena on Saturday, March 27. The Poosh founder seemed to be enjoying it as she flashed a smile.

When someone who filmed the couple told the lovebirds, "Y'all are just too cute over here," they took a brief glimpse of the person who spoke to them before quickly turning their heads to the front direction. Travis also put Kourtney's fingers away from his mouth, though their hands were still intertwined.

Podcaster Amanda Hirsch of "Not Skinny But Not Fat" reposted the clip from Shane Handler's Instagram Story and wrote in the caption, "OMG #KRAVIS PUBLIC FINGER SUCKING????" starting endless comments on Travis' intimate gesture.

"Guess he ran out of tootsie roll pops," one person trolled the drummer, who was also pictured enjoying lollipop at the event. Another enthused, "From lollipops to fingers?!?!"

Someone expressed concern over possible germ spreading amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "Omg nooo not with covid. They wildin!!!" the said person wrote. Another shared the same concern, but still loved the couple's interaction, "What is corona I smell lust more than love but I ship them."

Meanwhile, Gucci Shane, who took the video and was at the event as a guest of "The Bachelor" star Matt James, didn't think that Travis was sucking Kourtney's finger at the moment. He told Page Six, "I don't think they were sucking each other's fingers. I think they were just holding hands close to their face, but I'm not positive."

Another commenter agreed with Gucci, writing, "I don't think he was sucking her finger looks like he's talking." Someone else speculated, "Maybe he is just kissing her Hand?" while another shared the same theory, "I feel like he was just kissing her hand and from the angle it seemed like that lol."

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