Sharon Stone Feels 'Bizarre Satisfaction' When Sexually Abusive Grandfather Died

In a new memoir titled 'The Beauty of Living Twice', the 'Basic Instinct actress also accuses her grandmother of facilitating her late grandfather in abusing her and her sister.

AceShowbiz - Grief was not the word Sharon Stone would use to describe her feeling when her grandfather died. Accusing late Clarence Lawson of sexually abusing her and her younger sister, the Catherine Tramell of "Basic Instinct" claimed she felt relieved upon seeing his dead body.

The 63-year-old star made the shocking revelation in her upcoming memoir, "The Beauty of Living Twice". Recounting the event that took place when she was 14, she wrote as quoted by Daily Mail, "I poked him, and the bizarre satisfaction that he was at last dead hit me like a ton of ice. I looked at [Kelly] and she understood; she was 11, and it was over."

Elsewhere in the book which has yet to hit the shelves, Sharon accused her grandmother of facilitating the alleged abuse by Clarence. The "Running Wild" actress claimed that when she and Kelly were toddlers, their grandmother put them in a room together with their grandfather and locked the door.

Aside from sharing the horrific childhood memory, Sharon also reportedly claimed to have been tricked by "Basic Instinct" producers into taking off her underwear before filming her infamous interrogation scene. "I'd been told 'We can't see anything - I just need you to remove your panties, as the white is reflecting the light, so we know you have panties on,' " she wrote.

The ex-wife of producer Michael Greenburg allegedly went on to note, "Yes, there have been many points of view on this topic, but since I'm the one with the vagina in question, let me say: The other points of view are bull****."

"The Beauty of Living Twice" is available for purchase from March 30. When promoting the memoir on "Sunday Sitdown", Sharon claimed to be "in a really grateful place." Having survived life-threatening medical emergency decades ago, she said, "And I feel very blessed and happy about the life I got. We're happy together and what's better than that?"

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