Lauren Alaina Frustrated as She's Scheduled to Get Vaccination Before Covid-19 Diagnosis

The former 'American Idol' contestant reveals she planned to get Covid-19 vaccination when she tested positive for the virus which forced her to scrap a scheduled gig.

AceShowbiz - Singer Lauren Alaina was just days away from getting her first COVID-19 vaccination when she tested positive for the virus.

The country star was forced to bow out of a show in Kentucky on 20 March (21) after receiving her diagnosis, which left her with shortness of breath and a "horrible headache."

"I was pretty sick," she tells "But I'm doing better now. I've just been at my house quarantining with my puppy."

Alaina admits she was annoyed when she fell ill as she had survived the whole of 2020 without contracting COVID.

"I was so frustrated when I got it, because I have taken it so seriously, and I went over a year and didn't get it, and then I got it," she shares.

"I rarely even go to the grocery store, but it's a very contagious virus and I picked it up somewhere."

The health setback was all the more frustrating for Alaina because she was already scheduled to receive her coronavirus jab.

"I was going to get it, because I didn't want to get the virus. But I got it," she says. "I don't know. It's different for everyone. I just want my life back, and it felt like a way for me to get one step closer to that."

Alaina has since bounced back from the health crisis, and the "Getting Good" singer cannot wait to see her loved ones again.

"I miss people, but I'm getting through it," she continues.

And there's one relative she is desperate to be reunited with once the pandemic is over - her sick grandfather.

"He's in a nursing home with progressed Alzheimer's," she explains. "We're not sure how much longer we have with him so I just want to go see my papa."

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