Dwyane Wade Thankful for Boosie Badazz Over Hate Comments on His Transgender Daughter Zaya

The basketball legend also name-drops B2K member J-Boog, who is critical towards Zaya and Michelle Obama's interview in which the former First Lady praises Zaya for her courage.

AceShowbiz - Dwyane Wade addresses Boosie Badazz's (Lil Boosie) comments against his daughter Zaya Wade in a new episode of "I Am Athlete". The basketball legend revealed that he was actually thankful to those who left hate comments about Zaya, who came out transgender at 12.

"At the end of the day, what I'm dealing with people, I'm dealing with life and death," Dwyane said in the interview. "It's people in the transgender community that are getting killed. It's kids that are murdering themselves, that are hanging themselves, they're killing themselves because of something as simple as acceptance. Something as simple as unconditional love is not being given to these kids."

He went on to say, "I'll be damned if my child gon' be that person because of something as simple as me supporting who you are."

Later in the sit-down, the husband of Gabrielle Union name-dropped both Boosie and J-Boog, who was critical towards Zaya and Michelle Obama's interview in which the latter praised Zaya for her courage. "So, Boosie, all the people who got something to say, J-Boog, who just came out recently... all the people who got something to say about my kids, I thank you because you're allowing the conversation to keep going forward because you know what? You might not have the answer today, I don't have all the answers, but we're growing from all these conversations."

"So I thank everybody for even hating and starting those conversations because those conversations are starting other conversations that we need to have. And that's happening out there," Dwyane concluded.

J-Boog recently dubbed Zaya's interview with the "demonic." In an Instagram comment, the B2K member, "This is not cool. Very demonic. Using a child for their new agenda. Take away the man , make the women the new man. And no more reproduction. This child shouldn't be the front runner of the movement . Sad but true. Wake up ppl. This world is close to the end. It's like they creating the gateway for the kids that are coming up."

"Like the power of suggestion and saturation of the new human is scary. Look at the clothes for men, etc. Hair styles," he continued. "Men looking more like women by the day. And women's attitudes are becoming more manly by the day."

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