Hailey Baldwin Believes She and Justin Bieber Will Do What Is Needed to Make Marriage Work

In addition to revealing the effort to keep their relationship healthy, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin shares the reason why she married the 'Baby' hitmaker at an 'insanely young' age.

AceShowbiz - Hailey Baldwin is getting candid about her marriage to Justin Bieber. Having been married to the "Stuck with U" hitmaker for nearly three years, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin claims in a new interview that the two of them will do whatever it takes to make their marriage work.

Gracing the April 2021 cover of Elle magazine, the 24-year-old shared her thoughts on whether or not their relationship will last forever. "I think any relationship can fail, Hollywood or not," she said. "Is it harder in the public eye? Absolutely. But I think the two of us are grounded by our faith. I'm not saying it's this easy-peasy thing that doesn't take work. We talk to a therapist. We do what we have to do."

The model then explained why she is more than willing to do anything for her marriage. "I learn new things about him and about myself and about our relationship all the time," she stated, before adding, "Do we have little fights and stuff that we have to work through sometimes? Yeah, of course, but it really doesn't ever feel like work, because I love him so much. I see forever with him."

Elsewhere in the interview, Hailey talked about getting married to the "One Less Lonely Girl" hitmaker at a young age. The two tied the knot in a private wedding at a New York City courthouse in 2018. Looking back, she said, "I mean, I was married when I was 21, two months before I turned 22, which is insanely young. And sounds almost ridiculous when you say it out loud."

Though so, the co-host of "Drop the Mic" believed it was right for the two of them. "I do think for somebody like me and somebody like Justin, [it's different]," she elaborated. "We've seen a lot for our age. We have both lived enough life to know that's what we wanted."

Hailey further suggested that her parents' solid relationship might play a big role in her decision to marry young. "When I was young and I would hear the story of how they met, it sounded like the most romantic thing in the world. You fantasize about having the same thing. I do think it influenced me to want to be married young," she told the magazine.

On how COVID quarantine affected her relationship with Justin, Hailey spilled, "Quarantine has removed any expectations of work and there is no pressure of having to be anywhere." She added, "We've gotten so much solid alone time. It's like this long, extended vacation where we get to hang out together all the time."

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