Ellie Goulding Ends Feud With Mom Amid Pregnancy

The 'Burn' singer has seemingly reconciled with her mother as she's expecting her first child after previously calling their strained relationship 'unfixable.'

AceShowbiz - Ellie Goulding and her mother have reconciled.

The "Burn" singer, 34, who is expecting her first child with husband Caspar Jopling, previously called her strained relationship with her mother Tracey, 56, "unfixable," but Tracey has revealed that the pair have resolved their issues.

Speaking to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, she said, "All I want to say is that I am obviously very, very happy and excited. It'll be my third grandchild. Everything's great, it's fine."

"There was nothing really to resolve. I have seen her since the wedding but not much since the lockdowns. But she's been very good, we've all been very good. I can't wait to see my new grandchild."

Tracey insisted the previous issues between them were "all very silly."

Last year, Ellie revealed she had not seen her mother since her wedding to Caspar, 29, in August 2019.

She said, "It's frustrating because I really want to talk to you about it. But she became quite threatening when I did talk about her in the press. Discussing her was a disaster."

"I haven't seen my mother since my wedding last year. I've done a lot of therapy about it because what I thought was fixable isn't fixable."

However, Tracey said she was shocked by Ellie's remarks, saying, "I really, really don't know what she is referring to and where the word threatening has come from."

"I don't know what she is talking about. I don't think Ellie has ever spoken about me in the press so I don't know what I could become threatening about."

"I put a brave face on and I am smiling now but quite frankly I am deeply hurt."

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