Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Discuss Their Creative Partnership After Release of First Duet

During their joint appearance on 'Today's Country Radio', the 'Chasing After You' singers open up about why they initially were 'scared' about making music together.

AceShowbiz - Maren Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd have released their first-ever duet together.

The country music pair - who welcomed their first child, son Hayes, into the world last March (20) - have teamed up on "Chasing After You" and the pair admitted working together creatively has always come "natural" to them.

Ryan, 34, said, "It's been really natural. And I think that that's the best part about it, is that it's been such a seamless … There's moments that are hard to be a creative partnership and actually have a life together. That's it, there are moments where that Venn diagram is awkward, but I think for the most part we do this together, we always have. And then I do Maren's career with her, just as much as she does mine with me. And so I think if you have that perspective, the timing stuff sort of figures itself out."

"Middle" hitmaker Maren, 30, admitted she and her spouse were "scared" about making music together at first in case they ended up in a "serious relationship," however, it ended up improving their "dynamic" as writers.

She added during their joint appearance on Apple Music Country's "Today's Country Radio" with Kelleigh Bannen, "I mean, we still write together. I think that's always going to be a part of our relationship, is being creative. There was a time that we wrote so many songs together in the beginning that we were scared. Like if we did get into a serious relationship, that we wouldn't be able to write as honestly to and about each other in the room, but I don't feel like that's been the case. I think it's only strengthened our dynamic in the writing room over the years."

Elsewhere, Ryan, who tied the knot with Maren in 2018, teased his wife's upcoming new album, which will be her follow-up to 2019's "Girl", and hailed his other half's "world-class voice."

He gushed, "Obviously, we're all excited about her next album, whenever that is. I'm the only one who's heard all the songs, so I'm proud of that. I don't know, I am constantly, don't listen too closely, I am always amazed at how good Maren is. She's my favorite songwriter and honestly, has just a world-class voice."

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