Suzanne Somers Convinced to Sell Palm Springs House After Encounter With Naked Intruder

The incident the TV icon had with the trespasser took place when she was giving a virtual contouring demonstration for her organic makeup line through an outdoor Facebook Live session

AceShowbiz - U.S. TV icon Suzanne Somers is more keen than ever to offload her Palm Springs, California home after a nearly naked man trespassed on the private estate while she was conducting a Facebook Live session with fans.

She was giving a virtual contouring demonstration for her organic makeup line outdoors on her property on Friday (February 05) when she heard a strange voice and realised it wasn't a dinner guest who had arrived early.

In a bizarre exchange, Somers could be heard asking, "Are you here?" and the stranger responded, "I'm here...! I was slightly terrified over there for a second... There were goats following me."

Somers then asked him, "How did you get here...?" adding, "You shouldn't be here. This is our house."

The mystery man, who identified himself as Eric Carpenter, explained he had hiked up to the property to give the actress a gift, which she declined.

Somers then said, "I'm not used to (people) being on our property. So can you go home? You seem like a very nice person, but you shouldn't be here."

The actress' producer husband, Alan Hamel, then escorted the uninvited guest off the property as Suzanne told fans, "I'm going to call the police now. What a way to end the show. You learned all about makeup, and how to contour, but I need to go."

Somers tells Page Six, "I was expecting dinner guests; that's why I was so friendly at first. When he came closer, he barely had any clothes on... I had a few hundred thousand people watching, and I wanted to keep them calm. The great thing is that he was almost naked, so I could see he didn't have anything, he didn't have a weapon."

"This guy obviously got lost… He was odd, but he wasn't threatening."

Police later caught up with the man and gave him a warning, but the odd experience has inspired Suzanne and her husband to speed up their house sale.

The couple recently put the pad on the market and are still in the process of packing up the place.

"Maybe it was God's way of saying, 'Time to go,' " the actress smiles.

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