The ad that features the shocking crossover sees Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reprising their characters in the 1992 comedy before the 'WAP' hitmaker joins them.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B joins forces with "Wayne's World" stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey in Uber Eats' ad for Super Bowl 2021. The minute-long video that features the shocking crossover sees Mike and Dana reprising their characters in the 1992 comedy.

The pair encourage viewers to support their local restaurants as they do several gimmicks including dressing baby versions of themselves in "Eat Local" shirts. "As a local access show, we want everyone to support local restaurants," Mike's Wayne says, before Dana's Garth adds, "But we'd never manipulate you the way all these other commercials do."

"We'd never shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo," Wayne says. Garth then ironically replies, "Right, Cardi B?" The camera then reveals the Grammy-winning raptress sitting next to him in her green dress while filing her nails. "Yeah, eat local!" Cardi excitedly responds.

The trio then "jumps into the trend" by doing the swap-clothes TikTok challenge. Concluding the ad, they are singing an Eat Local song that mirrors the "Wayne's World" theme song with the "WAP" raptress exclaiming, "Okurrrr."

Feeling excited, Cardi took to her Instagram account on Wednesday, January 3 to share the ad. "The latest WAG (Wayne and Garth) special guest?! ME! Go watch and remember to #EatLocal with @ubereats #ad," so the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker wrote in the caption.

Her followers apparently were as excited as her as one wrote in the comment section, "Lmaoo This Is So Random But [fire emojis]." Wanting more from the trio, another person asked, "Can we get Wayne's World 3 feat Cardi?" Praising the ad, someone noted, "that's funny, made me really lol."

"This is so Radddddddd‼️ SCREAMS CULTURE," another user added. "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star Bobby Lytes also raved about the ad, calling it "iconic!!!"

The commercial will air this Sunday during the Super Bowl on CBS.

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