Kylie Jenner Mocked for Her Luxury Showers' 'Sucky' Water Pressure

Twitter users are roasting the so-claimed self-made billionaire after she shows off her $36 million mansion in Holmby Hills and its luxurious showers that don't live up to the price tag.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner may have fortune more than enough to buy more than one house, but she can't have everything inside it perfect. The reality TV star has been dragged on Twitter after she showed off her luxury showers with "sucky" water pressure.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old makeup mogul gave her fans a tour of her $36 million mansion in Holmby Hills. Making use of her Instagram Story, she shared videos giving a look inside the dream house and its luxurious showers, which are adorned with pink marble.

However, people were disappointed after noticing that the water pressure in the house doesn't live up to the price tag. Many claimed that it's too low and less than ideal. "Kylie Jenner lives in a $35m mansion, and this is the water pressure...," one person pointed out on the blue bird app, quickly inviting comments from other users.

A second user claimed the problem was with the shower head, which is too small. "I loved the walls and how big it was but the pressure was NOT it. And I would prefer a different shower head ... like a I need more water lol DROWN me please," the said person tweeted.

"Maybe it's because she lives in California with all the droughts and stuff? Idk tho that shit does not look good at all," a third one speculated, while another added, "Why is nobody talking about how shite Kylie Jenner's shower is? The water pressure AND the size of the shower head. Someone get that gal a plumber pronto."

Some others reacted with memes replacing Kylie's shower head with a water bottle and other stuff. Someone, however, offered a solution rather than mocking the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star. "Could be something as simple as hard water build up in the shower head, I can fix that @KylieJenner," the said person chimed in.

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