Male TikTok Star Slammed for Alluding to Have Fling With Michael B. Jordan
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TikTok personality Jamar Lamont is under fire after appearing to hint that he used to have a romantic relationship with the 'Black Panther' star, who is currently dating Lori Harvey.

AceShowbiz - Chasing clout? A TikToker named Jamar Lamont has been slammed online. It started after Jamar appeared to hint that he used to have a romantic relationship with Michael B. Jordan, who is currently dating Lori Harvey.

In a clip that he posted on Sunday, January 17 on the video-sharing platform, Jamar wrote, "When i saw Michael B. Jordan posting Lori Harvey knowing we be fuc- nvm..." Upon watching the post, Internet users quickly put Jamar on blast, accusing him of chasing clout with the claims.

"Everybody want their 30 secs of fame boy," one person noted. Similarly, another person said, "Y'all do anything for a lil internet fame smh." One user also wrote, "He waited until now to say that, so clearly he wanted attention and clout and to go viral. Sad that people will do anything of attention. Morals and ethics anyone?"

Someone else took issue with Jamar outing Michael, should he say the truth. "Stop outing people in 2021 it's nobody damn business," urged the person. Meanwhile, one other thought that the "Black Panther" star needs "to sue him smh." However, some thought that "it was a joke people took too seriously."

Michael has yet to comment on the claims, but the "Creed" star and his new girlfriend Lori are currently enjoying a romantic getaway in St. Barts following her birthday celebration. In some photos taken during their vacay, the pair were caught on camera packing on PDA while floating on a spacious board on Sunday, January 17. They also had a blast when riding jet ski.

Lori and Michael were first rumored to be romantically linked to each other after they were caught on camera traveling together right before the Thanksgiving holiday last year. They later made their relationship Instagram official on Sunday, January 10.

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