Kaley Cuoco Vows to Thank Her Retired Showjumping Horse With Brand New Life

The former star of 'The Big Bang Theory' pens a tribute post for her genius 'soul mate' Netty, which carried her to her first victory in a competition in Calgary, Canada.

AceShowbiz - Actress Kaley Cuoco has pledged to treat one of her first showjumping horses to a life of luxury in retirement in a touching tribute online.

"The Big Bang Theory" star has penned a sweet note to her "soul mate" Netty on Instagram, revealing the mare which carried her to her first victory in a competition in Calgary, Canada, will always have a special place in her heart - and her spacious backyard.

Alongside a slideshow of photos, the animal lover wrote, "For the last 6 years , my princess Netty has been nothing short of amazing..."

"She was the first 'real' horse I ever sat on, and was the first in my official string. It was love at first sight. My first jump on her in Calgary, was a moment of 'whoa'. I knew I would love her forever and that she was perfect for me. We won our first class together and our last."

"Our magical moments together are too many to count...! She was fast, fierce, but never ever made a mistake. She knew exactly where her feet were supposed to go every takeoff and every landing."

"She was also a genius, keeping me safe and competitive at the same time," Kaley continued. "We had custom gold boots made for her because she truly was wonder woman. She hated flatting at home and would literally rip our arms off at the trot. So I decided she's a horse show horse. And that's what she was. A performer. Like me. Maybe this is why we are soul mates. I hate rehearsals. I hate studying. I like to be on stage, in the moment; and perform. We share the same heart."

Promising to help Netty live out the rest of her life in style, the actress, who is married to equestrian Karl Cook, added, "I hope Netty knows retirement doesn't mean her life is over. I feel this is my way of thanking her, and a brand new life. Living forever in our backyard, having babies, and getting constant pocket mints from my dad."

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