Fans of Backstreet Boys believe that Kevin subtweets his bandmate after the latter tweeted about joining the right-wing social media haven Parler in the wake of Trump being banned from Twitter.

AceShowbiz - Backstreet Boys may be one of the longest surviving bands ever, but that doesn't mean the members are always on the same page about everything. Kevin Richardson has hinted at a broken friendship with his bandmate Brian Littrell due to their different political views.

The oldest member of the "I Want It That Way" hitmakers appeared to shade Brian in his recent tweet. On Wednesday, January 13, he tweeted an article titled "I Lost a Best Friend to QAnon" that was published by Cosmopolitan in October 2020. He captioned it, "Interesting read...," along with side-eye emojis.

Kevin Richardson's Tweet

Fans believe Kevin Richardson subtweeted Brian Littrell with this post.

In the essay, the author talked about her decision to end a friendship because her friend kept "spewing conspiracy theories" every time they'd meet. The tweet has been removed from Kevin's page, but he shared a similar article titled "The Unlikely Connection Between Wellness Influencers and the Pro-Trump Rioters." He once again described it as "another interesting read...," followed by the same heart, peace sign and side-eye emojis.

Interestingly, Kevin posted the said two tweets after Brian promoted the right-wing social media haven Parler in the wake of Donald Trump being banned from Twitter. The 45-year-old tweeted to his fans, "join [him] on Parler," two days after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Given the timing of Kevin's tweets, fans believe that he subtweeted Brian. "I don't think your cousin either cares or realizes the impact this has had," a fan tweeted at Kevin. "People are Angry. It could affect the future of this fandom and the behaviour of people at your concerts."

Brian has reportedly been a Trump supporter for years and even voiced his support for the band to perform at his inauguration in 2017. "Hollywood needs to chill out, all right? You're talking about the commander-in-chief, right? We're talking about respect," he told TMZ when defending the president at the time.

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