Nikki Bella Hires Life Coach to Avoid Having 'Meltdowns'

The retired professional wrestler reveals she has her own personal life coach to stop her from getting into dark place as she talks about her mental health issues.

AceShowbiz - Nikki Bella has hired a life coach to prevent herself from having "meltdowns."

The retired professional wrestler has revealed she is in touch with a life coach to help her manage her mental health because she believes it's just as important to take care of her body mentally as it is physically.

Speaking to the self-care digital issue of SheKnows, she said, "Self-care to me is definitely mental and physical. I feel like mentally, when I'm taken care of, my outsides just look amazing. So I'm very big on meditation. Also, I have a life coach. I just feel like we give our cars oil changes so they never break down. So why not do that to our souls and our minds so we don't have these meltdowns or get into certain places that we don't want to be in."

And Nikki's twin sister Brie also said she's practicing regular self-care as she says it helps make her the "best" she can be.

"Sometimes I feel like people are like 'I have to work out hard-core five days a week to be healthy.' But that's not necessarily true for me," she explained. "Self-care is about what makes you feel like the best you. For someone like me, power walking makes me feel really good. Being outside and pushing my baby and smelling the trees and the fresh air."

The comments come after Nikki - who welcomed her first child, a son named Matteo, with her fiancee Artem Chigvintsev in July (20) - recently said she's made it her goal to prioritise self-care in 2021.

Whilst talking about her New Year's Resolutions, she said, "Self-care is definitely one. I feel like every new mom or a mom with a baby relates to that. It's all about your baby first and you just don't care about you. It is crazy."

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