Luke Combs Gets Candid About the 'Awful Part' of OCD Battle

While the 'Better Together' opens up about his mental health issues, his wife Nicole Hocking reveals that she has contracted COVID-19 and suffered from almost every symptom.

AceShowbiz - Country star Luke Combs has opened up about his anxiety issues in a new TV interview, revealing he suffers from Purely Obsessional Compulsive Disorder.

The singer tells "The Big Interview with Dan Rather" he has learned to control his mental health issues, but still suffers flare ups.

The "Better Together" hitmaker says, "It's something I've learned about and it's something I've been able to get a hold of."

"It'll be something about my health. I'll be worried that I'm about to have a heart attack or a stroke. It becomes this very obsessive thing that you literally can never have an answer to. That's the awful part of it. You have to teach yourself to become comfortable with the fact that you'll never get an answer and that it is a super uncertain thing."

"That is what I've particularly struggled with. Sometimes that's tough, but it's something that you learn about yourself, and arming yourself with the knowledge of exactly what's going on is the most important thing, I've found."

There's currently a lot of drama going on in Luke's life - his wife, Nicole Hocking, recently revealed she is battling COVID-19.

She took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday (January 09) to reveal she had contracted the virus and confessed she has suffered from almost every symptom associated with the coronavirus - apart from a temperature.

"I wish I was like those people that just lost their smell or taste or just didn't even know they had it I guess, but no, I've had all the symptoms, except for a fever," she said. "It's beat me up."

Continuing to label the virus "brutal", Nicole added, "I am on the up and coming and I am feeling great these last two or three days and hopefully, I test negative soon."

She didn't reveal whether or not Combs had also contracted the virus.

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