Chad Ochocinco Seemingly Considers Having a Penis Reduction

This is not the first time for the former Bengals Pro Bowl receiver to make headlines over his private part as he previously revealed that he took Viagra before games.

AceShowbiz - Chad Ochocinco has a big question out there. The former American football wide receiver appears to be mulling over a penis reduction, judging by his tweet to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer on Twitter.

On Tuesday, June 5, the doctor revealed on the blue bird app how much one should pay to have his penis extended. "Penis extension now $599.99," so he wrote. The tweet seemingly piqued Chad's interest but for a total opposite reason.

The former husband of Evelyn Lozada apparently wasn't comfortable with the size of his private part as he seemed to be interested in getting his private part reduced. "What about reduction?" so he asked the doctor.

Fans who caught wind of the tweet quickly trolled the former athlete. "Prove you need a reduction we don't believe you," one said in an Instagram comment. Hitting on him, someone else flirted, "Come give me a sample before you do sir."

This is not the first time for the former Bengals Pro Bowl receiver to make headlines over his private part. Back in last July, he interestingly revealed to his Twitter followers that he took Viagra before games as a way to boost his performance. "I took viagra before every game & people thought they'd stop me, if my stat line was bad i wasn't covered, the pass was just incomplete," he shared at the time.

It remains to be seen if Chad was serious or was just joking, but fans were amused either way. "I'm glad I decided to follow you on here," one person replied, while another user said, "You a wild boy chad." Another fan responded, "Hold up so are you telling me you weren't kidding when that coach asked if you were on something and you said 'yeah, Viagra'? bruh I thought that was a joke."

On the other hand, someone innocently asked, "why viagra." To that, another user simply answered, "increase blood flow, more oxygen moving around."

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