King Von's Fans Wish Death on Rival Rapper Quando Rondo's Little Daughter

Many of the late rapper's fans are leaving mean comments on the 'Motivation' spitter's post in which he wishes his followers 'Happy New Years' with a video of his adorable baby girl.

AceShowbiz - The tension between King Von's and Quando Rondo's camp doesn't seem like going to die down anytime soon. Fans of the late rapper have taken trolling on his rival to another and uglier level, as they're bringing in an innocent kid into it.

King Von's stans have been wishing death on Quando's little daughter after the Savannah-born rapper shared a video of his adorable baby girl. In the short clip, the girl, who was clad in a pink outfit, put on a show in front of her father before she had a slip.

She was heard throwing an expletive, "Oh, s**t," prompting her father to chuckle behind the camera. The proud father captioned the video, "@italynaomi_ Happy New Years ...," with some emojis.

While some of Quando's followers were gushing about his cute daughter and wondering whether they really heard the girl cursing out, some others were not that moved with the video. Many of King Von's fans even took the chance to launch a threat at the "Motivation" spitter by leaving mean comments.

"She will rest in piss soon," one person threatened. Another wrote to Quando, "Say bye to your daughter." Another predicted her death, "Rip it's your year," while someone else warned that "DURK GONE CATCH YOU."

"Fucccc yo babyyy," one other hater wrote in the comment section. Some other threatening comments read, "how the f**k you still alive," "Poor baby won't have a dad soon" and "This gonna be last time she see you."

Quando's fans have since clapped back at the haters. "Y'all von fans need to stop with all this negativity leave that bs in 2020 this a new year bra," one urged. Asking the trolls to leave the kid out of her father's beef, another wrote, "Yea the kid don't got nun to do wit it but long live king von quando gone get it n***as be wolfin a lot like I ain't on the block boy this shit ah get ugly."

Someone else left a lengthy message "to the haters." He/she claimed, "yall do kno that quando had absolutely nothing to do with king von dying. king von started their beef in the first place, king von charged at rondo who was just chillin, and quandos homeboy was the one who lit von up. tim should have just jumped in without pulling a weapon. im a von and quando fan and I hate the situation came to that, but at least know the facts before posting hating ass s**t on quandos page. he didn't start s**t."

Quando was blamed for King Von's death in a shooting back in November 2020. At the time, the two rappers' entourages were involved in an altercation outside an Atlanta nightclub. The dispute quickly escalated into gunfire, during which King Von got shot. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but later pronounced dead. Quando has maintained that he and the shooter, Lul Tim, were acting out of self-defense.

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