'The Bachelorette' Star Tayshia Adams 'Can't Wait' to Move In With Fiance Zac Clark

The newly-engaged couple appears to have been making some baby talks already as Zac, who shares that he's 'always wanted' to be a father, jokingly reveals that Tayshia 'wants 17 children.'

AceShowbiz - Tayshia Adams is beyond excited to start a new life with her fiance Zac Clark. In a new interview with PEOPLE, the former "The Bachelorette" star reveals how excited she is to be a New Yorker soon with Zac revealing that he has planned a lot of things for her.

"She has a one-way ticket to New York," Zac, who proposed to Tayshia in the ABC show's finale on Tuesday, December 22 shares, adding, "We're going to get comfortable. And I'm going to date the heck out of her!" Tayshia chimes in, "I'll still have my place in California so we'll be bicoastal, but that's the plan!"

Of getting ready to live with the addiction recovery specialist, Tayshia said, "We have so many similarities regarding our goals in life. I've never been in a relationship like this before. Our communication is phenomenal and I feel really safe with Zac. It just feels so right. And I can't wait to experience life with him by my side."

Further gushing over her new beau, the former phlebotomist adds, "Zac has such a big heart and his line of work is just helping people. That's why I got into the medical field, because I truly do enjoy helping people. If I could help in any part with [the recovery center Clark co-founded, Release Recovery], that's a good partner to have by your side, working together to help others."

However, the new couple claims that they're "not rushing" for their wedding. "But it's an amazing sense of security to know that I'm not going anywhere, and he's not going anywhere," Tayshia divulges.

Despite that, they appear to have been making some baby talks. Zac, who shares that he's "always wanted" to be a father, jokingly reveals that Tayshia "wants 17 children." To that, Tayshia responds, "I would love to have five children. And Zac isn't shying away from that!"

Concluding the interview, Taysha shares her gratitude for the happiness she's feeling right now. "It's been a really hard year for everyone, including myself. But I'm so happy that I ended it with so much love," she says.

Meanwhile, more details of Tayshia's stunning engagement ring have found their way out online. It has been revealed that the band features a 3.25-carat emerald cut center stone. Additionally, it has a halo of 27 round diamonds and 67 more diamonds.

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