George Clooney Loves Being Family Man During Lockdown

The 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' actor enjoys doing chores around the house, washing dishes and changing diapers while he's holed up with his family during the lockdown.

AceShowbiz - George Clooney is enjoying being a family man amid the ongoing pandemic.

"The Midnight Sky" actor has been spending a lot of time with his wife Amal and their three-year-old twins, daughter, Ella, and son, Alexander, during the Covid-19 crisis - with the downtime allowing the star to show off his domestic talents.

"I've got three-year-old twins so I do a lot of changing of diapers, wash dishes and do the laundry all day long," the "Argo" star, 59, tells Britain's "The Graham Norton Show".

"But I do get to put them to bed at night and wake them up every morning. There is something very special about that."

Gushing over his kids, the proud dad notes they're "clearly my wife's children - they are three and speak fluent Italian and they are way ahead," quipping he's on a mission "to dumb them down and put a bit of actor into them."

"I teach them horrible things. When I hear the shriek from my wife, I know I have succeeded," he laughs. "I taught them to put Nutella in their nappies and to go upstairs, take off the nappy and eat it!"

Despite enjoying quality time with his nearest and dearest, George goes on to admit other aspects of the pandemic have been "lousy," admitting, "I miss my parents and I miss seeing family and friends."

The pandemic also made the father of two worried about his son. "My son has asthma," he previously said. "They say it's not so bad on young people. But do we know that? We don't know anything about the long term of this yet."

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